And since he has so much on his mind, consciously and subconsciously, it’s no wonder a miracle happened to him. When Blake woke up from a dream in his Oklahoma home, he knew he had to write a song about it. It’s called “Savior’s Shadow.”

In the midst of his divorce with Miranda, his dream gave him strength and peace, believing that it was God’s way of showing Blake it’s going to be ok, and realizing that he’s not alone in his dark time.

Although the song is different to Blake’s other more upbeat and party-centric tunes, he felt strongly about releasing this one, unafraid of criticism. His aim wasn’t to get a No. 1 song out of it; he says he feels like that song helped save his life.

Have a look at Blake’s sincere music video below. It’s black and white and features Blake with nothing but a stool and a guitar crooning alongside a beautiful female voice in harmony. This is the heartfelt tune he felt like he needed to share. It helped him heal, and maybe it will help you too.

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