Surely, their appearances had us all wondering who these men were and what on Earth they were going to be doing that would be impressive enough to appear on TV, let alone, in front of “Britain’s Got Talent” judges. However, the Chippendoubles shocked us all; we finally understood the meaning behind their name when the music began and when they each took off their costumes one-by-one!

To everyone’s surprise, each of the seven men revealed new outfits as realistic impersonators, from James Bond to Gordon Ramsay. The audience cheered and roared. Peering over at Simon, he seemed amused too.

When coming to the judges’ comments, of course, one couldn’t help but hear what Simon had to say. He admitted that the Chippendales’ performance was “One of [his] favorite acts.” The judges gladly moved the Chippendoubles to the next round for whatever surprises they would reveal next.

If Simon Cowell could find the act so intriguing as to say it was one of his favorites, surely you would enjoy it too! Be sure to check out the full performance in the video below (and to see who the other five men were impersonating as). Most importantly, you have to watch the video to find out who the last impersonator was that had Simon hysterically laughing!

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