In the footage, Katy Perry’s “E.T.” lyric video is on TV with their baby girl happily jumping in a baby bouncer and their older daughter playing with a pair of pom-poms. Once Daddy sets down a box and walks into the room for a brief movement, we are left laughing and wiping happy tears from our eyes.

The father begins lip-syncing to Katy Perry’s song, performing crazy dance moves, and even making silly faces to his adorable toddler. The girls’ faces are entirely lit up. The eldest daughter passes her pom-poms to dad, and at this point, we get enough! If this man isn’t the cutest with kids, I don’t know who is!

In a confusing world that appears at times to be driven by fear and hate, it’s always enlightening to see something so positive, making us feel at peace.

To really get a gist of how great fathers can be when it comes to their children, you need to watch the video below. You’ll smile, laugh, cry, and most of all, appreciate what this father can provide that some parents fail to do.

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