Christian received a pair of baby blue, soft-textured, infant-friendly glasses to ensure both comfort and proper function. Before trying them on, Christian’s parents decided to film his reaction, for better or for worse. His parents probably expected the latter as babies are typically not too enthused about wearing glasses.

As mom is about to place the glasses on Christian’s face, he looked confused, scared, and upset all at once; this was no surprise. However, once the glasses were snug in place, it was clear he noticed a difference. From his wide, curious eyes to his jaw-dropped mouth, and eventual joyous giggles, the young child was in complete shock when he connected with his “new” surroundings. Blurred lines became crystal clear.

The fact that we have devices that allow the visually impaired to see is impressive and something for us to all be grateful for.

To see Christian’s full reaction to seeing clear for the very first time, be sure to watch the video below.

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